The baby bird will need to be fed 2x a day unless you would like to purchase it weaned. Please do contact us prior in order to avoid any confusion. 

No Health guaranteed:

Any birds taken by the customer to continue hand-feeding are not qualified for any guaranteed. 


Is a parrot right for you?

Large parrots (African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, and Macaws) are loud, costly, and can live long lives (more than 50 years). They require a lot of attention and interaction, as well as a lot of space. Caring for a parrot is a lifetime commitment of time and energy every day.

Depending on which parrot your purchasing for example, a baby parrot acts very differently than adult parrots. They are often quieter, more friendly, more adaptive to change, and more interested in cuddling.

Parrots are naturally noisy and will flock calls several times throughout the day.

*Most parrots are not good for people living in apartments or who DON’T like NOISE.*

*Parrots bite to communicate. With the exception of a TAMED or HANDE REARED macaw but may occasionally bite to what they don’t like. If you don’t like the idea of being bitten by a parrot, a parrot may not be right for you.

Large parrots are sold with no health issues, disease-free or of any deformities.


All Juvenile parrots sold are DNA tested with a certificate assuring sex accuracy. ( except in the case of buying babies at an early stage without the need of sex to be known, and sellers are aware of unsexed babies when purchased.

No refund policy once all parties have signed the agreement, whether in cash or credit, and are hereby fully responsible after purchase.


Buyer is held responsible when purchasing a newborn macaw at their own risks and expense. Responsibility to feed baby macaw and tools required are purchaser’s responsibility. We do not adhere to any responsibility once the purchaser agrees to the terms of sale. Purchase of a newborn macaw is for HIGH EXPERIENCE people with time and dedication. Hand raising a baby macaw is not an easy task. If you are unaware or have questions, please visit this website for exact hand feeding formula and preparation. On the website, there is a record system to monitor feeding times. All information, including the type of formula to buy, temperature for formula, and all tools needed, are on the website. PLEASE DO VISIT THE WEBSITE IF IN DOUBT OR UNSURE TO HAND FEED BABY PARROTS IN GENERAL. (GENERAL TOOLS NEEDED TO HAND FEED). Feeding syringes, thermometer, and a heat source such as a brooder lamp and brooder box.



2.) Once on the website click on the search bar on the upper right-hand side

3.) Type (hand feeding) in the search bar. Press enter

4.) Scroll down click on (how do you hand feed a baby pet bird?)

5.) Click on the exact educational reference guide

You will find all information on this page.