About African Grey Aviary

African Grey Aviary is a family-based aviary located in Orlando, Fl, 32828, USA, Our breeding collection consists of African Grey Parrots including African Grey Congo Parrot, African Grey Timneh Parrot, and that we believe make the best pets.

After having bred our birds inside our former home, in 2001, we built our dream home and a 2000 square foot “State of the Art” open-air aviary structure. This custom-designed Aviary includes a misting system that allows the birds to enjoy a rainforest atmosphere. In addition, we installed an automatic watering system which flushes the water bowls and provides fresh drinking water four times each day.

Our birds are given the best diet possible, with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy, nutritious diet keeps our birds in excellent health and contributes to nests full of plump, healthy babies.

We are full-time aviculturist and attends seminars and agricultural conventions for continuing education.

Hand Feeding

Our babies are removed from the nest around 12-15 days of age and hand-fed with lots of love and attention. At hand feeding time, we start our process of selecting and understanding each bird’s nature and personality. We reserve the sweetest ones as pets and the less sweet ones as breeders. Some birds are naturally inclined to breed and we believe that forcing them to become pets would be going against nature. Our birds are all individually important to us. We recognize them as being part of God’s living creation which can bring lots of joy to people’s hearts.

Friendly Birds

Our birds are weaned one by one. From a very young age, they are part of our busy life. They get used to children screaming, cabinets opening and closing, dogs barking, and people handling and talking to them. Just hand feeding is not the answer to a friendly bird! Hand-feeding needs to be done slowly and meaningfully. At this time, it is important that the bird is aware of the breeder’s presence and his loving care. This time-consuming and continuing effort is the secret to wean a super friendly bird!


Not only is the nature of the bird important to us, but also its health. At African Grey Aviary we don’t inbreed. We make sure that each bird is genetically strong and eats a healthy diet. We feed the best-fortified seeds and pellets available on the market and we supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Our breeding cages are sized according to the specie’s needs. Our birds are not cramped or overcrowded. In addition, hygiene is very important to us. A clean environment protects us from diseases.

Healthy Breeding Pairs

African Grey Aviary also provides top-quality breeding pairs for the hobby breeder. We guarantee that our breeding pairs are not related and are healthy.